Characters between the Good and the Bad : Robin Hood

Indeed, in the literature, there are sometimes characters who are not totally good or not totally bad in their actions. They break the rules, values and honor codes usually self-imposed by the super-heroes. It’is the case of the legendary character of Robin Hood.


Golden Picture Classic, Robin Hood de Simon et Schuster, 1957

Legend of Robin Hood holds he is a saxon noble who was deprived of his lands after he killed a deer in the propriety of the majesty. So, he left live in the forest of Sherwood where he created a little community of vagrants called “Marry men”.

This skilled archer steal the rich in favour of the poor. He steals possessions of the rich and give to the needy. Moreover, he give back to people the money of their taxescollected by the rich and nobles. We have chosen an extract of the famous american movie of Ridley Scott « Robin Hood » on 2010. This extract shows Robin Hood who is robbing the rich whith his vagrants team the « Marry Men » :

So, we can see Robin hood is a hero because he stand up for people underprivileged and the weak. He sacrifice his own life for help people in need. He has caracteristics of all heroes because he has many human qualities, he fights for something meaningful, he is brave, courageous, strong and daring. He wants to change a situation for better ans he accomplishes extraordinary deeds with his bow and arrows.

But, if Robin Hood is a do-gooder, he do the good in making also the bad. Indeed, Robin Hoods breaks some codes of super-heroes. First, he is an outlaw. He do bad action because he steal people, even it’s for give to the poor. And the first important, Robin hoods kill, he commits crimes. He doesn’t respect the law of his time, so he doesn’t represent the justice like the usual heroes. He respects  is own justice so, he is not an exemple like heroes. We can’t say he is the nice who fights against the wicked.

So, the character of Robin Hoods shows us, some heroes are differents. There are characters who are between the good and the bad.



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